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July 12, 2021
List of winners // 9^ edition
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Loredana Capone
Degree with honors in law, "Robe of honor" and appointment of honorary magistrate, at the forefront of the defense of equal opportunities, he had the ability to reconcile work
with her family and later this with the politics that gave her well-deserved recognition
of a delegation to the environment in the council of Lecce, of regional councilor for economic development and then to tourism and culture, and currently, the first woman to fill the role in Puglia,
as President of the Apulian regional council.

Award Vela Latina 2021
for the passion with which he has valued Puglia, for the attention to the new generations to reconcile development and protection of nature, for the ability with which he has rediscovered and exalted the Mediterranean vocation of Puglia as a crossroads not only for tourists and travelers, but also of people.

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Giovanni Chimienti
Zoologist at the Biology Department of the University of Bari, lecturer in zoology and cell biology at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, National Geographic Explorer, expert in corals and deep marine environments, traveler for his explorations in numerous countries, from 'Indonesia to Morocco, from the Bermuda Triangle to Sweden, recipient of prestigious international awards.
Award Vela Latina 2021
for the exceptional results achieved in research on black coral, which led to the discovery in the Adriatic Sea near the Gargano Promontory
of one of the largest coral forests known for the Mediterranean, in constant of a deep bond with our seas that always brings it back to Puglia.

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Brunella Filì
Film teacher at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, director, founder of the film production company Officinema Doc, member of the jury of prestigious international film festivals, has written and directed two award-winning films at international festivals and distributed worldwide - suffice it to mention Amazon Prime Video and Sky - always attentive to important and current issues capable of positively impacting contemporary society.
Award Vela Latina 2021
because in consistency of his desire to support feature films that educate the complete freedom of men and women as an essential premise of the social well-being of the new generations, he has chosen to direct his current commitment as a director in the production of the film "Sea sisters" with shooting at Gallipoli and Norway that tell two different ways of declining a single great love for the sea to women.

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Enrico Macrì
Ship Captain, current Commander of the Port Authority - Coast Guard of Gallipoli.
In this role, in the period November 2019 - June 2020 he conceived and led a vast cleaning operation of the seabed and of the opposite coastal strip of Porto Cesareo, demonstrating the great attention to the "good-sea" that he had already highlighted in 2008 .
At the time, in the rank of Captain of Frigate, as Head of the Navigation and Port Security Service of the same Port Authority, he contributed - in a decisive way - to design and coordinate the operations of environmental safety and the release of the motor ship
“Marti Pride” which ran aground in the shallows of Ugento on 6 March.
Operation that was defined "by manual" due to the timeliness and efficiency with which the marine ecosystem was protected from the pollution that would have caused the spillage of the fuel on board and the highly polluting substances on board.
Operation that earned him the award by the Minister of the Environment
and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea of ​​the 2nd class Diploma of Merit
and the related Silver Medal for Environmental Merit.
Award Vela Latina 2021
for the activity it carries out in defense of the marine environment, which goes beyond individual episodes and denotes the continuity of a strong, convinced and exemplary attention to the protection of the marine environment.

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Uccio Piro
Attentive as much to the legends of the sea as to the concreteness of lives that need sometimes drags into the marine darkness with no return; attentive to popular religiosity no less than to traditions; equally attentive to the disarming simplicity of the humble and to the wisdom that knows how to hide behind a smile; he told, in Italian and in the beloved dialect of which he was a refined lover, stories of simple men often overwhelmed by problems greater than their fragility, wisely exposing their feelings, both in verse and in dialogues that involved and will involve from the stages always effectively the audiences.
Award Vela Latina 2021
to memory
for the great sensitivity, humanity, passion, expertise, poetry that he has imprinted on his works of great moral and civil depth without giving up the sense of irony, finally tracing the coordinates that suggest a great lesson in life modeled by the sea.

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Giuseppe Piccioli Resta
Associate Professor of Geography of the Department of History, Society and Human Studies and scientific director of the Underwater Photography and Coastal Systems Monitoring Laboratory of the University of Salento, he is the author of numerous scientific publications resulting from his activity as a researcher attentive to environment and often the marine one. His love for the sea and for photography has seen him the winner of dozens of national and international awards for underwater photography, while his interest in applied historical studies has forcefully placed him among the leading Ligurian Leudi experts.

Award Vela Latina 2021
for his studies on the Leudi which revealed previously unknown commercial relationships
between Puglia and Liguria, for his work as a popularizer supported by the use of the most modern technologies, for his commitment to the protection and promotion of the submerged heritage; efforts always supported by an immense passion.

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Salvatore Bianco, Toto meu 
A long-time fisherman, he retains gratitude for the gifts received in the past from the sea and has clear awareness that the blue planet has not betrayed the fishermen,
but it is men who have plundered and offended him.

Award Vela Latina 2021
for his precious testimony of love for the sea which he has never denied and which he continues to feel like a friend.